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Pick up your mail here.

The mail room has a bench to sit, relax and maybe read.

It also has a pigeon coop.

We're looking for someone who wants pigeons and a possible air mail service.



The mail room used to say



But now it's just

"      S  NAIL"

In the 50's someone decided to hide from the atom bomb.  They built a bomb shelter.


Outside the bomb shelter                                            

Inside the bomb shelter.  Concrete door into the domed room.


This is the pump house that supplied water for the old farm and the bomb shelter.

It had a small shelter.  The entrance to the shelter specifies:



12 Women, 1 Man"


We hypothesize that this was wishful thinking on the part of the builder.



At the rear of the property is an old barn with hayloft above.  It must date from a farm on this site many years ago.

Our plans are to renovate it into a shared studio & workshop.